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Laser Safety Officer (LSO) Program

Program Overview

A Laser Safety Officer is responsible for establishing, monitoring, and enforcing laser safety measures as well as evaluating laser hazards. This is essential not only for those receiving treatments but also for laser technicians, laser business owners, and people around laser equipment.

The Laser Safety Officer (LSO) training program at ACAHS is an online program that meets and exceeds the demand for resources in a content dense bundle that hits all the key points of laser safety across the spectrum. This unique content is developed from 15 years experience working in laser clinics, training, and owning laser businesses. 

Convenient online training means you can become LSO certified in your own time at your own pace. 

The Laser Safety Officer program is designed for:

  • Owners of laser businesses
  • Laser technicians
  • Anyone with an interest in the cosmetic laser industry

With the high demands of aesthetic laser treatment and the fast growing industry, there has not been a governing body formed to oversee laser safety. This program is designed to teach all aspects of laser safety specifically as it relates to the cosmetic industry. You will learn concepts for practice that can be used with any treatment, equipment or protocol.

This course bundles the key components of laser safety sourced from ANSI Z136.3-2011 Standards and Safety Guidelines for Facility Owners and Operators. Formatted into easy to absorb learning content. The program also includes printable resources that can be personalized for any laser business as a hand book / laser safety guide.

This program provides additional content over and above existing guidelines specific to laser safety such as:

  • Communication 
  • Consultations
  • Filing, consent and treatment forms
  • Concepts of practice
  • How to build your list of contacts 
  • How to set up your laser room 
  • Checklist of laser room supplies 
  • Student discount codes 

The Laser Safety Officer program content is generated from 15 years’ experience practicing as a laser technician, teaching, managing and owning laser centers. The information is directly sourced from day to day requirements in laser centers.

This course is designed to be flexible, dedicate one day or complete at your own pace. 


  • Why safety is essential 
  • Responsibilities of a laser safety officer
  • History of lasers
  • Laser classes
  • Types of lasers and their indications 
  • Core values of a laser tech 
  • Laser Parameters
  • Fitz skin scale
  • Setting up your treatment room
  • Safety glasses
  • Fire safety
  • Ventilation
  • Contraindications
  • Forms and filing
  • Professional image
  • Consultation
  • Resources and referrals
  • Professional insurance 
  • Provincial guidelines


  • Confidence in methods of practice
  • Core values in ethical conduct
  • Professionalism
  • Accessible resources for day to day requirements
  • Safe environment for laser technicians, staff and clients
  • Confidence that proper systems are in place, ensuring public safety 
  • Communication for all aspects of practice
  • Certified Laser Safety Officer makes an excellent addition to your resume

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Laser Safety Officer

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