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ACAHS guides each student through the enrollment process to guarantee he/she meets all criteria upon registration. Financial Aide/Planning, precertification requirements and academic resources are some of the more common discussions.


Each curriculum is self-paced and provides learning resources designed to ensure student success. Learning resources are included in the tuition so that ALL students have ALL resources to meet their objectives.


ACAHS has partnered with facilities located in the Fredericton, New Brunswick region to provide students with their clinical experience. The student will also have the potential to obtain their clinical experience in their own community.


Laboratory experiences are provided by virtual simulation learning (VSL). In addition to VSL, ACAHS has its physical lab in the Fredericton, NB area. Students have the option to obtain their lab experience on-line, in person or both.


ACAHS has embedded tools and resources throughout the courses, such that, support is provided seamlessly and anonymously. Students are encouraged to reach out to instructors through a variety of provided tools at anytime.


ACAHS believes the intent of our courses is to lead to employment in the fields studied. That is why our staff will provide direction and references for resume building, interviewing skills, employment opportunities and additional resources to obtain "that" job.

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