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Advanced Nursing Foot Care Theory Recertification Program

ANFCTR Program Overview

The ANFC Theory Recertification course is for Advanced Nursing Foot Care nurses (NP’s, RN’s, LPN’s) who wish to update or refresh their current foot care knowledge and skills.

The course includes a comprehensive, Diabetic and Advanced nursing foot care curriculum.  This curriculum is based on current best practice guidelines and evidence-based practice, including the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses’ National Competencies for Advanced Nursing Foot Care in Canada.  Students complete online assignments, quizzes and view pre-recorded presentations.

Upon successful completion of the ANFC Theory Recertification course, the student will be issued an ANFC Theory Recertification certification.
  • Program is $400 and includes your textbook and all online learning resources.
  • Course is delivered online and you study on your schedule.


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Financial Facts

Tuition is $5,000 and includes all costs and learning resources, except a computer. If you currently work for a facility that employs PSWs, we will partner with them and Postsecondary Education Training and Labour (PETL) to ensure your tuition is 100% paid on your behalf.

If you do not work with a facility that employs PSWs, then consider applying for a government student loan or pay by installments.

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