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Basic Foot Care Program Online


The Basic Foot Care program is designed for certified or regulated Health Care Professional with an active license, in good standing, with their province or territory.  Students will need to have an Advanced Nursing Foot Care (ANFC) Nurse as a resource in their practice. If students are not able to obtain an ANFC Nurse resource, ACAHS will be happy to provide resource options.  Upon successful completion of the Basic Foot Care (BFC) program the graduate will be qualified to provide basic lower limb assessment and foot/nail care to all adults EXCEPT those with Diabetes and Peripheral Vascular Disease.   This is a non-invasive foot care program designed to teach healthcare workers how to provide basic foot care as well as how to assess and recognize foot related issues and communicate effectively with other members of the healthcare team.

This program includes introduction and role of the BFC nurse, anatomy & physiology of the lower leg, conditions of the nail, infection control & prevention in foot care, lower limb tissue damage assessment, and documentation & terminology.

Upon completion of the online theory the student will qualify to begin their practicum. The practicum consist of one 8 hour day with an Advanced Nursing Foot Care provider followed by 4 independent foot assessments and care assignments.


The student has a year to complete the program

The BFC program cost is $800 and includes the following:

  1. BFC Theory
  2. BFC Textbook
  3. Foot Care Instruments



Admission requirements for Basic Foot Care program:

  1. Student must be a regulated or certified health care provider holding an active certification in good standing in their Province/Territory.
  2. Personal Learning Device
  3. Internet Access.
  4. Proficient in English.

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Financial Facts

Tuition is $800 and includes all costs and learning resources, except a computer. Financial Aid may be available through your employer, province or regulatory body.


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