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Basic Foot Care Program

Program Overview

The Basic Foot Care program is designed for Certified Personal Support Workers who have an Advanced Nursing Foot Care provider as a resource in their practice. Upon successful completion of the Basic Foot Care (BFC) program the Personal Support Worker (PSW) will be qualified to provide basic lower limb assessment and foot/nail care to all adults EXCEPT those with Diabetes and Peripheral Vascular Disease This is a non-invasive foot care program designed to teach PSW’s how to provide basic foot care as well as how to assess and recognize foot related issues and communicate effectively with other members of the healthcare team.

This program includes introduction and role of the BFC nurse, anatomy & physiology of the lower leg, conditions of the nail, infection control & prevention in foot care, lower limb tissue damage assessment, and documentation & terminology.

Upon completion of the online theory the student will begin their practicum. This practicum consists of one eight hour day with a Foot Care Nurse Educator then 4 independent foot assessment and care assignments. Prior to participating in the practicum the student must obtain 2 million dollars in Professional Liability Insurance.


The student has a year to complete the program

The BFC program cost is $700 and includes the following:

  1. BFC Theory
  2. BFC Practicum
  3. Textbook and learning resources
  4. One set of Instruments (Probe, Nippers, Excavator, Blacks’ File & Dresser)

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Financial Facts

Tuition is $5,000 and includes all costs and learning resources, except a computer. If you currently work for a facility that employs PSWs, we will partner with them and Postsecondary Education Training and Labour (PETL) to ensure your tuition is 100% paid on your behalf.

If you do not work with a facility that employs PSWs, then consider applying for a government student loan or pay by installments.

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