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Narrative Gerontology

Program Overview: Narrative Gerontology Course

The Narrative Gerontology Course is a self-paced, online program delivered over a period of 6 months, totaling 100 hours of comprehensive learning.

This course is designed to provide participants with an understanding of the concept of narrative care and equip them with the skills and knowledge to practice narrative care in various settings. The course covers key terms and concepts associated with narrative care, identifies narrative challenges people can face, and outlines different activities and strategies for practicing narrative care.



  • Understand the concept of narrative care and its importance in healthcare and caregiving
  • Identify narrative challenges people can face in later life and understand their impact on a person’s storyworld
  • Learn different activities and strategies for practicing narrative care in various settings
  • Understand the benefits of narrative care, including increased sense of agency, purpose, and meaning, and decreased anxiety, depression, and stress
  • Learn how to practice narrative care with those who have dementia or are dying
  • Understand the importance of taking narrative care of oneself
  • Understand the concept of narrative environment and its role in shaping our storyworlds
  • Learn how to apply the skills and knowledge learned in the course to various settings

The Narrative Gerontology Course is divided into eight modules, each covering a different aspect of narrative care and is suitable for healthcare professionals, caregivers, social workers, and anyone interested in learning more about narrative care. The course is delivered online and includes interactive activities, case studies, and self-reflection exercises.

Program is $750 and includes your textbook and all online learning resources.

Upon successful completion, participants will receive a Gerontology Narrative Certificate, recognizing their expertise in narrative care for aging populations. This certificate serves as a testament to their commitment and knowledge in this specialized field.


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Financial Facts

Tuition is $5,000 and includes all costs and learning resources, except a computer. If you currently work for a facility that employs PSWs, we will partner with them and Postsecondary Education Training and Labour (PETL) to ensure your tuition is 100% paid on your behalf.

If you do not work with a facility that employs PSWs, then consider applying for a government student loan or pay by installments.

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