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Resident Attendant Program

Resident Attendant (RA) program

The Resident Attendant (RA) program is a 400 hour program designed to prepare graduates to work as caregivers in long term care settings. Graduates will qualify to bridge into ACAHS’s Personal Support Worker (PSW) Nurse Diploma program within 2 years of graduating from the RA program.

The program is comprised of 16 modules and include:

  1. The Role of the Support Worker
  2. Planning, Reporting and Recording Client Care
  3. Anatomy & Physiology
  4. Medical Terminology
  5. Caring for Older Persons
  6. Safety
  7. Preventing infection
  8. Body Mechanics
  9. Personal Hygiene
  10. Grooming and Dressing
  11. Urinary Management
  12. Bowel Management
  13. Skin Care and Prevention of Wounds
  14. Nutrition and Fluids
  15. Disorientation, Delirium and Dementia
  16. Rehabilitation and Restorative Care


  • Must have a personal learning device
  • Access to the internet
  • Be proficient in English

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Financial Facts

Program cost is $500 and includes all costs and learning resources, except a computer. Financial Aid may be available through your employer, province or regulatory body.


Graduates will receive their “Resident Attendant Certificate”.

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