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Feb 7, 2023

NACC Member Spotlight: ACAHS

Cheri M., a student of the Personal Support Worker (PSW) program at the Atlantic College of Applied Health Sciences (ACAHS) says that her favourite part of the program is its accessibility through its online component, empowering her to pursue higher education, while still allowing her to attend to her other commitments, such as raising a family in rural New Brunswick. “No driving back and forth every day and spending so much money on gas,” says Cheri. “I can still meet my other responsibilities while being able to keep up with my studies. ACAHS supports me with the tools, knowledge and resources to enter the workforce upon graduation.”

Regulated career colleges in Canada graduate thousands of qualified PSWs each year. Cheri is just one great example of the many learners that will go on to play a critical part in Canada’s healthcare workforce.

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