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Jun 19, 2023

New challenges for new opportunities

The New Brunswick Association of Private Colleges and Universities – NBAPCU is committed to advocating on behalf of private career colleges and private universities in the province. The association’s purpose is to help provincial and federal governments, key decision makers, employers, and the public understand the critical role its members and their students play in supporting New Brunswick’s post-secondary education system and contributing to the province’s economic well-being.

Last week, on June 6th, 2023, at the Annual General Meeting of the NBAPCU held in Moncton, our ACAHS President, Cindy Lidster, was nominated as the Vice President of the NBAPCU. As the President of our college, she has dedicated herself to the growth and development of our institution, fostering an environment that empowers students to thrive. Her passion for education and her relentless efforts have garnered recognition, and we couldn’t be prouder of her new role as the Vice President of NBAPCU.

We took the opportunity to ask her a few questions about this new professional challenge.

Interview with Cindy Lidster

Cindy, can you share with us the backstory of how your journey led to this nomination as Vice President of NBAPCU? What were the key experiences or milestones that shaped your path?

ACAHS has been an active member with NBAPCU since 2019 and committed to association growth and development within and beyond the province of New Brunswick. The outgoing VP, Dale Ritchie (President of MacKenzie College), has been one of my mentors over the years and has graciously provided resources, experience, and solicited advice throughout the years. Dale will continue to unofficially be a resource for NBAPCU as well as for me as I enter into this new role.

As Vice President, what innovative strategies or ideas do you plan to bring to the table to foster growth and advancement in the realm of private colleges and universities in New Brunswick? We’re curious to know about the specific goals or initiatives you’re passionate about pursuing during your tenure as Vice President. Can you highlight one or two key areas that you’re particularly excited to focus on and the impact you hope to achieve?

I am not 100% sure there are any “innovative strategies” left. The NBAPCU board and members have kept busy strategizing and engaging members. I intend to continue to support existing and upcoming initiatives associated with NBAPCU and look for new opportunities to expand partnerships within the sector and build membership. Increasing membership and pursuit of Post Graduate Work Permits (PGWPs) will continue to be key issues to invest in.

The role of Vice President comes with its fair share of challenges and opportunities. How do you plan to navigate those challenges and leverage the opportunities to bring about positive change not only within NBAPCU but also in the broader education landscape of New Brunswick?

Myself, and the BOD’s, intend to work with partners locally, provincially, and federally to continue existing initiatives. We have a number of new projects that we will be working closely with Post-secondary Education Training & Labour (PETL) as well as with our national association (National Association of Career Colleges – N.A.C.C.). NACC and NBAPCU are keen to address and explore options to bridge the gap between educational programs, workforce needs, and identifying opportunities for articulation agreements home and away. We will also work hard to be innovative and leaders in curriculum strength and removing barriers to education, locally and globally.


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